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Deathly ill with no hope: Godrum’s story

Godruma was spotted by our Veterinarians at the end of their day in a local village. His condition was so poor that death seemed inevitable. There was barely a hair on his body and his body was covered in lumps which were all filled with infection.

He touched our hearts so much that we could all but hear him tell his story: 

“That day the nice people came, I was resigned to my fate. My body was pain from head to toe. I was so afraid because everyone was just yelling at me and pushing me away…Other dogs were even more frightening. But the nice people came and picked me up. I was so scared, but they wrapped me gently, cleaned me.

I didn’t like that sharp prick on my behind. Then they made a soft place and covered me. For days I slept and slept and sometimes ate (good food, warm and tasty).

And now I’m better. The sun shines. I’m alive! They’re nice people. Other dogs are here. They’re OK. I have my own house…and I do bark when someone I don’t know gets too close. Maybe I’m still a little scared. That’s my story!”

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