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My Narrow Escape from the Slaughter house

"My name is Dharmaksetra. Even though I am very small, I am actually a 1 ½ year old bull. Now I live in a wonderful place. This man who brought me to his Nandi-shala is my hero. Why? Because he got me off the cart when that cruel person was hitting me and tying me down with ropes. I was so afraid. I could feel my heart pounding and my eyes were just popping out of my head. Only God knows where he was taking me. Probably the same place all the other bulls in my neighborhood went to…AND THEY NEVER COME BACK. I was petrified. 

Not that I was living in such a great place. My belly got so big. I was hungry all the time…and I had this strange long hair all over me. My hero, the man who brought me here, told a visitor that all this was because of starvation.

Now you can see me!  Shiny coat…Notice the color, very different. This is the real me.  These people are really good people and all their friends are so good to me… But I am a bull, so I do show them who is the boss. My home has soft bitchuli to lie down on. Out there in the field is where I run. I love to run. Come and visit me at Nandi-shala. Soon I will be a fine strong bull.  Varun works hard to take care of us"

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