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Bhaktavatsala's Pain

"I am a new resident in Nandi-shala. Those doctors came to look at my leg which has a huge lump where it was broken. I fell into a big deep hole. No one fixed it.

Now the other back foot is all collapsed because I have to hop on that foot and the cement floor was so hard. I have to tell you…So much pain. No relief day after day on that hard, wet cement floor.

I never gave up though. Good thing! Because one day these nice people came and adopted me.

Now I am quite comfortable in my own pen. No more cement. It has soft sandy floor covered with dry bitchuli. When I want, I get up and hop over to a huge bowl of green fodder. This is still difficult  but I can sit down again when I want. I even have a name now! It is Bhakta Vatsala

They must care about me, the way they fuss all the time: cleaning, filling water bowl, tending to the unhealed wound on my knee. I even overheard them talking about one day fixing my knee, so I can walk more easily.

That’s good, but for now I am just happy that I can be off my leg, and take in the sunshine and chew…I love to chew. I’m very good at chewing my food."

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