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Our Mission

Every living being is essential in the plan of Creation.  Our mission is to understand and execute the actions necessary for providing a lifestyle where humans live in harmony with our Creator, all living beings, and with the Land.  The application is Universal, but the action must necessarily be local.

Locally our mission addresses these problems:

  • the dire and inhumane conditions in which cows/bulls are forced to live,
  • the lack of knowledge of why and how dependent animals are to be provided care
  • the lack of resources for such care
  • the pathetic situation of homeless dogs

How our “mission” informs what we do

There is a chain of interdependence for mutual survival and good health between soil, plants, animals, and humans.

We need each other and we need each other to be healthy. By instinct animals keep this balance. Humans disturb time and time again. Being at the top of the chain does not give license to abuse. We need to learn to simply use.  First and foremost we have the responsibility of protection.

What we do

As the urgent situation presents itself, we rescue bulls, cows, and dogs from disease producing living conditions, slaughter, abuse, death.
We grow fodder for the cows and bulls in our shelter:

  • so they will have the best nutrition possible
  • so the shelter can be as self-sufficient as possible