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Bio-Gas plant Energy generation from Cow-Dung

Planning for Self sufficiency

In keeping with the principle of Self-sufficiency for our program, we are planning the installation of a Bio-Gas plant. The use of cow-dung from our own Nandi-shala and from other local sources, further enhances the potential for self-sufficiency.


  • Dramatically Increases the value of COWS/BULLS thus necessarily reducing the need to slaughter or abandon
  • Provides clean cooking biogas and can produce electrical energy
  • Transforms organic wastes into high quality fertilizer
  • 100% renewable
  • Produces energy¬†(heat, light, electricity)
  • Improves hygienic conditions through reduction of pathogens, worm eggs and flies
  • Controls water and air pollution from Agri-waste, household waste & animal dung.


  • Initial cost of installation of the plant¬†is substantial.
  • Essential Activities of the program:
  • Collecting dung from local farmers
  • Processing the dung into gas and fertilizer
  • Distributing the products of the Bio-gas plant: sale or exchange of services and raw material