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Grow Organic Live Food

We are about people protecting animals. What we eat, what our protected animals eat is an essential element of that protection. For this reason organic is important. For our bulls and cows in Nandishala, the ideal would be to have enough land that they could graze all day. Presently, this is not possible. We are, however, growing organic green fodder in fields fertilized with their dung. We also have an organic vegetable garden fertilized with the dung of our bulls and cows. An abundance of organic food for animals and humans is not a problem wherever the Cow and Bull reside. 

Growing our own fodder for Nandi-shala is very important because this is the way of Self-Sufficiency. It is our firm conviction that keeping bulls/cows in a manner which is self-sufficient ensures their protection and survival. Otherwise they are seen as a financial burden and it will be difficult to convince people not to slaughter.  Our Grow Organic Live Food and Nandi-shala programs are complementary and mutually important to each other.

Essential Activities of the program:

Growing our own Organic Food and Fodder