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Mercy Home for Dogs

For centuries and across the world, dogs have been companions to humans,  valuable assistants. For these fortunate ones, their life conditions are generally good. The life of most dogs in India is a vastly different scenario.

In this country there are approximately 30 million stray dogs. This averages out to 1 stray dog per 42 people. By some estimates, there are more stray dogs in India than in any other country. The life of stray dogs is always precarious, sometimes a living torture. Our Mercy Home seeks to alleviate this suffering.

Controlling the population of stray dogs is an important aspect of compassion for them. Canine overpopulation is unhealthy for both dogs and humans. Our Village to Village Welfare team is working with local agencies to develop an Animal Birth Control program.


    Essential Activities of the program:

    • Shelter for dogs in immediate danger
    • ABC program for controlling population