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Nandi Sanctuary

India is known for loving veneration of its cows and bulls. This is a myth in 21st Century India. We have seen in our Village to Village Animal Welfare Program, that cows and bulls are in the most pathetic condition.

  • Locally this harsh reality is seen in severely emaciated cows, bulls and calves.  Because their mother’s milk is to be sold, year old calves, especially males, are the weight and size of a 4 month old calf
  • Out of 37 cattle seen in 1 village by our Veterinarians, only 2 were bulls. This scenario is repeated in every village. Why only 2 bulls?  Most go to the slaughterhouse. (see picture below)
  • Most owners believe it is acceptable to give their cow the bare minimum food, until she calves. Then her diet is augmented minimally, for the purpose of more milk.
  • Cows and calves are tied almost 24 hours a day with the shortest rope possible.
  • Tying 24 hours a day with short rope is common practice

Inspired by our own spirituality, we are extremely saddened and alarmed by the condition of bulls and cows in India and in our local area

Nandi Sanctuary Land Expansion has become our most URGENT need in 2018