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Village to Village Animal Welfare Program

There is an abundance of service for our Visiting Veterinarians. A major aspect of this service is education because most farmers believe that a drug, or an injection will “make” a nutritionally deprived animal better. Our Veterinarians devote much time to informing local animal owners about the benefits of healthy animal management  

For this reason, we have started a program where farmers are encouraged to keep certain basic standards of care. From us they receive support in the way of targeted health care and other practical assistance. Our conviction is that, when observed by neighbours, these positive results will be powerful evidence for changing the way everyone cares for their animals

    Essentials of the program:

    We support farmers in villages in the Navadwipa Mandal area by providing A team of Veterinary doctors visiting local villages daily to :

    • Bring awareness of basic standards of animal health and how to achieve these goals
    • Veterinary care,
    • Free health supplements & medicine.